Hetran, Inc. is a Pioneer in Design and Manufacturing of the Most Technological Advanced, Field Proven, Precision Bar/Tube Turning/Peeling, Straightening, Centerless Abrasive Bar Belt Polishing, Wire/Die Shaving Machines and Auxiliary Equipment


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Hetran's vast experience in precision machine manufacturing and metal processing knowledge guarantee to enhance the profitability and success of your business. Find out how our Hetran Z Generation technology can boost your business' bottom line...

Hetran products: centerlesss bright steel bar peeler, peeling, bar to bar, coil to bar, coil to coil, bar turner, turning, pre-straightener, pre-straightening, straightener, straightening, burnisher, burnishing, centerless bar grinder, abrasive belt grinding, centerless belt polishing, belts, carbide inserts, chamfering, metal surface finishing, bar processing, coil processing, cold drawing, deburring, die broaching, cold drawing, end stamping, bar and coil material handling system, metal processing, metal works, abrasive cut-off saw, saw blades, saw cutting, saw wheels, sawing, wire shaver, shaving, bar turner, turning, wire drawing, wire peeling, wire shaving. Billet grinder and conditioning equipment.

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